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Your name: Jessica Capulet. [penname, woot.]

Your age: 14.

Poetry writing experience: i've been writing about shit that's happened to me since the middle of 8th grade, last year. . .i go on all topics, from my own shit to sexual assault and rape, teen pregnancy, my sexuality [bisexual or trisexual genderqueer FTM] and other's sexualities, strippers, prostitutes, my art, writing, being trapped n the year 1507, eating disorders, suicide, self-mutilation, my friends, hatred, abuse, drugs, hellish things in general, really. wow, that ended up being longer than i'd meant. idk. i like sonnets, a whole lot. recently, that's all i've been writing.

What are your poetry writing goals?: i want to get my iambic pentameter down as much as possible. . .i still have trouble trying to get the stressed part of the word lined up with the stressed part of the line sometimes. also, i don't do superwell with imagery, and my poems always end up sending a message i don't want them to.

What sort of help would you like from this group?: i'm looking primarily for inspiration, and also for critique.

Homocidal Words.
by Jessica Capulet.

Please tell me what these words you're yelling mean
Inherent judgement's making me confused
Since long ago when I was young and green
These words have only made me feel abused
Most people use them as the words of hate
Yet love among my friends in them is shown
The intervention's coming far too late
They know it all by now--the cover's blown
I have no choice but holding my head high
I'll be above their self-indulgent rants
Ignoring they who make me want to die
When life is such a bitch, you have to dance
I know when these words are not nicely willed
Who next says, "Fucking dyke!" may just be killed.
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