bym (bypasdyonmuse) wrote in poets_working,

i would appreciate some feedback-i am not a great editor

crack is not for coconuts
i designed a vision of everything white in one big room
there were clouds and toilet paper,
elmer's glue and fake teeth with whited out gums.
and everyone got along alright
but the crack and the coconuts
and y'know why
i'll tell you why
because the crack was a different color than the coke had been
and now it was not so white land
the pale fairies with their veins protruding
purple against their yellow bones
stood in the light for the first time
when the door between the realms opened
and the new color having been introduced
as brown showed off all their white calistenic
overaromatheripied vibrations
and someone somewhere in white world
didn't want anybody to see
the truth
well wake up
it's assembly time
with the steam train whistle and a
few black grinds at the bottom of the cup for company
you pick up the spoon to stir
and realize that sugar in coffee is a wonderful thing

so says the monkey with a short string up his red ass
being held fixed by barbed wire
waxed with worm guts and debris
he speaks when the obvious is stated over and over again
and it becomes like a whining tangent going around and around
and around and around and around nd rdn ndr dr d...own
society is always prepackaged into food groups
or groups of altoids or steroids or dedefibulatorstruck people
not to remark on social classes
so, until our brains come back out the other side of this monkey's colon
we're going to pick appart
the spot in the snow and call it cat pee everytime
get over it and on with it with each other
it's the time of silver gelatin love
in circus tent city
and the purple hoola hoop with curtains covering the bed
is swinging rampantly
we cannot continue to write under black lights with laundry detergent pens and brushes hoping to become visible again
it is the light blue residue in the sunshine
that is visible at all
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