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Hi everyone! I just joined the community and hope to learn a lot from (as well as do my best to advise) you all in our respective poetic processes.
Here are the basics, just so we get acquainted...

My name is Katie, and I'm 20 years old, currently a full-time student residing in NY.

Poetry writing experience: I used to write poetry all the time... and then suffered a bout of writer's block after I attempted to join one of those intense crit groups on Livejournal. I'm just getting back into it now, and have had the odd poem published in literary journals every now and again(as well as the offers to be published in those mass collections- for the right price, haha).

What are your poetry writing goals? I'd just like to get my creative juices flowing again- I love writing and communicating through poetry, and I could really use some input. Just surrounding myself with poets and their work again would be really inspiring, I'm sure.

What sort of help would you like from this group? I'd like some honest critiques... I don't pretend to be an expert on any level, but I'm confident enough in myself to appreciate constructive criticism. If you read my work (which I hope you will, haha) I'd love for you to comment with ANYTHING- be it one word in the poem or the whole thing, line by line. I hope you all know I'd love to repay the favor, and offer my opinions whenever requested. I think groups like this are a great idea, and I'm excited to write.

And so, I offer a rough first-draft of a new poem, and I hope to hear a lot from anyone who has the time or inspiration to comment. Thanks!

The Written Word

You have abominable grammar, and you type about
two words a minute,
which is very frustrating when I am on the edge
of my seat, waiting to read what you have to say.

It's not that I am impatient;
It is that I labor, I take time
to make myself coherent when I write to you,
so that you'll never have to strain to
understand me.

Painstakingly, I create symphonies of words,
melodious arrangements tailored for your
effortless comprehension,
while you haphazardly arrange words, stylistically comparable
to bar-room karaoke.

Is it fair to generalize, and say that this struggle
runs deeper than misplaced punctuation? Perhaps
it's only fitting that I search for deeper meaning
in our simple conversation;

despite my efforts to be unique of the
typical feminine approach toward interaction,
and simply be appreciative of any communicative effort,
I am tragically and hopelessly cliched,
and easily find fault with your exchange.

I suppose one could look deeper into our relationship
with words, and realize we are
nothing but a predictable stereo-
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