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Hi ya'll! My name is Jenna, and I'm twenty-one years old. I'm a double major in History Education and English at a little college in the South. I hope to one day teach high school. I've just really started writing poetry in the past few months, but I've gotten into it pretty quickly. I'd like to submit some of my poems for publication, so I'd like some honest (yet polite. lol) criticism and opinions on my work. Basically, I would like to put my poems out here, and if they are just not that great, then I hope some one tells me so I don't embarrass myself! :P

Swirling sweet and bitter in my cup
Milk, sugar, cream slide warmly down my throat
like hot liquid silk pouring into my weary body.
This drink heats my sould with its' fiery dance;
a caffeinated tango.
It lovingly and harshly prods my spirit into alertness.
All so I have the energy and inspiration to write these words in its' praise.
What a vain drink!

"Lines for All Seasons"

Gently twirling all around
Soft white snowflakes on the ground.
As they dance in the frosty night air
they tell the world "Winter is here."

Young stalks push up through fresh thawed earth
The world is new with this year's birth.
In celebration the jubilant birds sing
Their joyful song the sound of Spring.

Bright white sun scorchs green earth brown
The lazy heat of the air swelters all hour round.
Children play all through the long day
They wish Summer would be here to stay.

Little Kami kaze pilots, old leaves jump off their tree.
For one brief moment, they know the meaning of "free."
Their tattered bodies make quite a sight
As twilight folds into Autumn night

"The Petey Bird"

I am a bird
who lives in a cage
no light will I see
for days upon days
a wooden perch
a silver bell
shallow finery
in my entrapped hell

The blanket lifts
brief flicker of light I see
my spirt flies
I yearn to be free!

The blanket falls
inside I die
perpetual mourning night
my shattered spirit cries
to soar, to glide
to take a single free breath

My dream is gone
I pray for death

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