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State of Fear

Written in response to a series of poems by my friend.

I dreamed last night that you were he
Your faces melded awkwardly
I reamed last night a dream of me
That made me fall
Straight to my knees.

On your KNEES. Get on your KNEES.

I forget sometimes that we’re at war
So sue me, it just slips my mind.
I forget to cry out (CRY OUT CRY OUT)
That we have to get out (LET’S GET OUT GET OUT)
That this place will smash my face
Shove it’s self straight down my throat

If we don’t build a wall we’ll be the first to go down
No one wants to get knocked down
We’re all out there
Knocking each other up
Knocking the weak ones around
All over this town

They think this is their town
You play buy their rules
Or they take you downtown
You keep your mouth shut
Or they take you down

I’m afraid of being RAPED by the POLICE.
I’m afraid of being eaten alive by my anorexic classmates.

I’m afraid she’ll never speak to me again.
I’m afraid I’ll die alone without a friend
I’m afraid I’m just not good enough for you.
I’m afraid that there is nothing I can do.
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