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A Poem and An Introduction

Pesky Straight Woman

God damn it pesky straight woman.
Why did you have to be so cool?
Why did you have to have a frozen bleeding heart?
Why did you have to have that gorgeous blonde hair?
Why did you have to understand me?
You have ice colored beads in the whites of your eyes.
I don't know where you get off having skin the shade of snow.
I don't know where you find the audacity to begin fabulous art projects.
Pesky straight woman.
Always making a mess.
Snow kissed.
Like my favorite candy, gone stale, in the bulk rate wraper.

God damn you pesky straight woman.
See ya later?
Yeah, 6:45.
Okay then.
See ya soon.
Can't wait.

Your name: Justine

Your age: 24 (for the next few weeks)

Poetry writing experience: I've recently decided to shift my major from Psychology to English. I've been writing poetry since I was in middle school, however did not take any poetry classes until I was 18.

I first became interested in writing while participating in old school, pre-internet as a household word, dial up, ANSI graphic, local BBSs. Among my favorites was "RAT City" a budding community of artists. There I became exposed not only to my peers writing poetry, but also computer art, painting, and drawing. Even now, quite untentionally, I discover that my writing style absorbs the tone of those authors I read. RAT City was wonderful in helping me get started, writing poetry. Admittedly however, I find myself mimicing the styles of the authors I read far more readily than poets.

Lately, I've been drawn to works of fellow gay, bi, lesbian, and transgender writers and film makers. This is simply because it helps me to know that I am not the only one that percieves the world the way I do, and to see how other people convey topics to their audiance that I may myself feel the need to present.

What are your poetry writing goals?: Weeeellllll, recently I have been most interesting in writing fiction. There seems to be a corelation, however between writing moving poetry, and the presence of vibrant descriptions when I write prose. I want to be able to weave images that people can see, taste, smell, touch, and hear. I do not feel that this goal is specific to either prose or poetry, so much as learning to blend words in such a way that they can move people from any number of backgrounds. In essence I want my writing to be fantastic and real. Sometimes it seems that the boundry between these two things is not entirely clear.

What sort of help would you like from this group?: What I feel will help me most right now is to recieve feedback on what doesn't make sense when I post something. The last thing I need is for my readers to be lost in a confusion of "What is this person talking about?" If my descriptions are so flowery that they destroy the emotion in the piece... that's important for me to know. Likewise, if something come out that really strikes a chord within you, I would like to know that too.

For me, refinement is observation. The more observers there are the merrier. :)


The poem above was written spontaneously this morning. Odds are that the reader is not going through the same situation that I am. I will not say what exactly it is about. What's most important for me in this exercise is to know if an emotion (or mix of emotions) is realized within the poem for the reader, and if any lines in particular are especially strong or dischordant.

Thanks a bunch. :)
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